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"Ask" Education Fund was officially established

        In order to better promote academic exchanges, enhance the academic atmosphere of the research group, encourage students to ask more questions, and ask more good questions, the teachers of the research group discussed and decided, each student raised a "meaningful" question in the group meeting, will Get 20 yuan material reward.

         At the same time, in order to reflect everyone's common love, all the students raised their hands and voted, agreeing to donate all material rewards in a unified way, and set up the "Ask" education fund to support the rural basic education cause.



       The "Ask" Education Fund is the first education fund created by postgraduates and postdoctoral fellows asking questions. It is a bridge between knowledge and love, and a seed of love, inspiring every member of Huang Hui's research group to make more contributions to the education cause of the motherland. .

         The donation list of the first "Ask" Education Fund:

         Postdoctoral fellows: Wen Kaikai, Xiong Haigen, Xie Wenbin, Gao Jinhua, Hou Yuqi;

         Graduate students: Wei Yanan, Ma Bowei, Chen Hao, Liu Xingzheng, Liu Bo, Misbah, Wang Song, Ma Liangzhuo, Liang Xinyu, Wen Xuan, Liu Tianhua, Gu Xiaobin, Han Xiao, Lin Qijie, Mi Chunchun, Li Congqi, Pei Shurui, Zhang Meng , Liu Zhaoying, Li Xiang, Han Ziyang, Xie Gening, Zhang Guanghao, He Zijuan, Zhang Yincheng.