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Congratulations to Li Zijie for successfully passing the doctoral defense and Liu Tianhua for successfully passing the master's defense!

On May 20, 2022, Li Zijie, a 2022 doctoral graduate of the research group, and Liu Tianhua, a 2022 master graduate of the research group, successfully conducted their defense work in the Tencent conference room. The defense committee consists of Prof. Yang Zhenzhong from Tsinghua University, Prof. Zhao Dahui and Prof. Guo Xuefeng from Peking University, Prof. Li Zhou from Beijing Institute of Nano-Energy and Systems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Zhu Xiaozhang and Prof. Guo Yunlong from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Liu Xiangfeng from School of Materials, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences It is composed of Professor Zhang Xin and Professor Hao Zhengping from the Research Center of Environmental Materials and Pollution Control Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.



Articles and patents published by Li Zijie during his studies:

1. Zijie Li, Yusheng Chen, Pan Ye, Xiangli Jia, Xiaoxi Wu, Jianfei Wu, Qinqin Shi *, Aidong Peng and Hui Huang*. Microwave-Assisted Classic Ullmann C–C Coupling Polymerization for Acceptor-Acceptor Homopolymers. Polymers, 2019, 11(11), 1741. 

2. Zijie Li, Qinqin Shi,#,* Xiaoying Ma, Yawen Li, Kaikai Wen, Linqing Qin, Hao Chen, Wei Huang, Fengjiao Zhang, Yuze Lin, Tobin J. Marks,* Hui Huang*. Efficient Room Temperature Catalytic Synthesis of Alternating Conjugated Copolymers via C-S Bond Cleavage. Nat. Commun. 2022, 13(1), 144.

3.Ting Zhu, Longfeng Jiang, Ying Li, Zengqi Xie, Zijie Li, Lei Lv, Hao Chen, Zhiyuan Zhao, Lang Jiang,  Benzhong Tang and Hui Huang*. Efficiently Converting Thioether Waste to Organic Semiconductors by Carbon-Sulfur Bond Activation. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58(15), 5044-5048.

4. Pan Ye, Yusheng Chen, Jianfei Wu, Xiaoxi Wu, Yunxiao Xu, Zijie Li, Shikai Hong, Ming Sun,* Aidong Peng* and Hui Huang*. Combination of noncovalent conformational locks and side chain engineering to tune the crystallinity of nonfullerene acceptors for high performance P3HT based organic solar cells. Mater. Chem. Front. 2019, 3(1), 64-69.

5. You Chen, Qianqian Zhang, Mengzhen Du, Gongqiang Li, Zijie Li, Hui Huang, Yanfang Geng, Xiaoli Zhang, and Erjun Zhou*. Benzotriazole-Based p-Type Polymers with Thieno[3,2‑b]thiophene π‑Bridges and Fluorine Substituents To Realize High VOC. ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2019, 1(4), 906-913.

6. Hao Chen, Yihua Deng, Xiangyu Zhu, Lu Wang, Lei Lv, Xiaoxi Wu, Zijie Li, Qinqin Shi, Aidong Peng, Qian Peng,* Zhigang Shuai, Zujin Zhao,* Huajie Chen, and Hui Huang*. Toward Achieving Single-Molecule White Electroluminescence from Dual Emission of Fluorescence and Phosphorescence. Chem. Mater., 2020, 32(9), 4038-4044.

7. Room temperature Stille-like cross-coupling copolymerization based on D-A conjugated polymer semiconductors. Application number: 202110893877.8

Articles and patents published by Liu Tianhua during his studies:

1. Liu T, Lin Q, Song Y, et al. Multifunctional Organic Vertical Photodiodes for Photo-detection and Photo-synapse Enabled by Modulation of the Interface Energy Barrier (submitted)

2. Wei Y, Chen H, Liu T, et al. Self-Powered Organic Photodetectors with High Detectivity for Near Infrared Light Detection Enabled by Dark Current Reduction[J].Adv Funct Mater,2021, 31 (52): 2106326.

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5. Hui Huang, Tianhua Liu. Organic Vertical Diodes with Integrated Transient Light Detection and Photo Synaptic Functions and Their Applications: China, 202111185049.5[P].2021-10-12.

6. Hui Huang, Tianhua Liu. Multifunctional Organic Vertical Diodes Integrated with Transient Light Detection, Energy Conversion, and Neuromorphic Computing and Their Applications: China, 202210165989.6[P].2022-02-24.