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Sources of funding

7. National Natural Science Foundation of China for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2020-2024;

6. Research Improvement Program for Young Teachers in Schools, 2019/06-2021/06

5. Pilot B program of the Academy of Sciences, 2018-2022;

4. Sub-project of the National Key R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Theoretical design, controllable preparation, high-precision characterization and prototype device construction of new two-dimensional functional materials, 2018/01-2022/12;

3. National Natural Science Foundation of China General Program, Design and Synthesis of Conjugated Molecules with Intramolecular Selenium-Heteroatom Non-covalent Bonds and Optoelectronic Applications of Conjugated Polymers, 2018/01-2021/12;

2. Key foreign cooperation projects of the International Partnership Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, room temperature catalytic activation of carbon-sulfur double bonds, 2018/01-2020/12;

1. Key Research Program of Frontier Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Synthesis and Application of Conjugated Polymers with High Coplanar Conformation, 2017/05-2021/05;