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The team of Professor Huang Hui from the School of Materials Science and Optoelectronic Technology of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences recruits students who are exempted from the master's degree in chemical materials physics and direct undergraduate students.

    The research direction of our laboratory is the design, synthesis and application exploration of optoelectronic functional conjugated small molecules and polymers, mainly including: 1. Development of new conjugated molecule synthesis methodology based on the breaking and formation of chemical bonds; 2. High performance Design and synthesis of organic/polymer materials; 3. Research on the relationship between the properties and molecular structure of organic semiconductor materials. At present, the laboratory team has begun to take shape (fixed staff, students and visiting scholars are maintained at about 20 people all year round), and have advanced means and equipment for material synthesis and characterization: In terms of synthesis, the laboratory has conventional anaerobic and non-oxygen Hydration synthesis system, as well as microwave reactors, fast column passing instruments, cyclic preparative chromatography and other equipment to improve synthesis and separation efficiency; in terms of structural characterization, the college and school where it is located have nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, powder and single crystal diffractometers, infrared, ultraviolet , scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, transient fluorescence spectrometer, high temperature gel chromatography and other large-scale equipment, easy to use; in terms of device preparation and performance characterization, the laboratory has a glove box, probe station, quantum efficiency measuring instrument, semiconductor parameter measurement Instruments, lithography machines and other equipment. The laboratory has published many research or review papers in world-class academic journals of chemistry and materials such as nature chemistry, advanced materials, angewandte chemie, chemical review, etc.

    We welcome students with different professional backgrounds such as chemical materials physics to join the laboratory, especially those with a background in synthetic chemistry with experience in the synthesis of small organic molecules or polymers. Please contact the students who have the qualifications for exemption from the insurance research and have the intention to contact as soon as possible, and write a brief introduction about their academic background. We also very much welcome you to visit the laboratory for on-site interviews! Looking forward to your joining!


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